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Ruff Rider Basic Vehicle Safety/Training HarnessRuff Rider Basic Vehicle Safety/Training Harness
Authorized Ruff Rider Distributor

Ruff Rider Vehicle Safety/Training Harness

It is with great pride that I present the Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint System. I feel personally responsible for my own pets as all pet owners do, and I want to do everything I can to help keep them happy, healthy, and strong. Our harnesses are specially designed from the drawing board up to be a Canine Vehicle Restraint System. It is not a converted harness. In creating the design, I took into consideration the forces that occur in all directions while traveling in the car in both normal and emergency situations. I realized that this harness would have to be designed with three things in mind: Safety, Comfort, and Convenience.

* Safety, so that it would not injure the dog in an extreme situation. * Comfort, so that the dog would be able to move around in any position. * Convenience, knowing that if the harness were too difficult or tedious to put on the dog and connect to the vehicle, people would not use it.

With these considerations in mind, I consulted a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, a draftsman, and a design engineer. With their input, I took great care to fit the harness around the chest and shoulders which are the strongest parts of the dog's body. The Roadie design does not incorporate a collar to choke and is designed for your dog's comfort, I pleated the harness under the shoulders. I provided adjustments for girth and depth of rib cage. For convenience, I put a built in walking lead/connector piece allowing you to connect the dog to the car's seat belt system with the same ease that you connect yourself. The Roadie also works in vehicles where there is not an existing seat belt system. It is a full time harness for walking, training, hiking, etc.

The Roadie by Ruff Rider is the strongest most convenient safety system on the market. It is independently tested to human seatbelt standards.

Your best friends safety rides on it!

Carl Goldberg

Why dogs and passengers are NOT safe when you have the dog in a crate:

A crash test done by a German insurance company shows debris flying freely in the test car after the dog crate exploded on impact. The crate was fastened securely in the vehicle with the seatbelt. The crate exploded because the "dummy dog" hit the inside of the crate with incredible force. Remember that any loose object in the car is a potential missile. The real question here should be "Is anyone safe in the car with a crate?"

Choose from the Ruff Rider Basic or the Ruff Rider Elite. Click on item below for descriptions.

Ruff Rider Basic Harness - Car Restraint - Dog Seat BeltRuff Rider Collapsible Bowl and Case