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Reviews For Best-Pet-Door.com

Reviews For Best-Pet-Door.com
* We highly recommend this merchant! Customer service was excellent. The quality of the product we ordered is exceptional. We will definitely be returning shoppers!

* I went looking for a specific cat door to match one we installed 6 years ago in the door next to the new installation site. Best-pet-door had the exact one we wanted, PayPal was a breeze, and door was received a few days later. Free shipping option can be slow boat method for other merchants but not here! Very happy and would buy here again if I ever need to replace these doors which I doubt because they are of excellent quality.

* Very happy with this site, they shipped quick, easy web site to navigate and all went well. I could not believe the price of these things after installing a few Home Depot doors in my screen door till I bought one of these REAL dog doors. This thing was built like a tank and made it easy for me to install it in a wall where it belong. Ok enough rambling, thank you for the experience I learnt something. Best Regards, Jerry

* Very helpful and professional, if I need another door this is where I am going.

* Excellent customer service and I was very happy with the quality of the pet door.

* Merchant called to check color selected as I had omitted it. Shipped within several hours after order. Excellent product,superior service and company. Will definitely do business with them again.

* Best price, best shipping options, and it turned out to be the best ship time, too. AA !!

* The dog door came about 3 days after the order! That was so great! I was missing a little piece and they shipped it to me ASAP the customer service was excellent.

* This appears to be a relatively small business with closely engaged owner-managers. Response to inquiries is quick and complete, and orders are fulfilled quickly with no hassle. Delivered price on the item I purchased was as low as any I could find, so these folks rate five stars.

* Very responsible seller. They contacted me for availability of color and after that they shipped it before what I expected. Very good service. Will do bussiness again.

* This merchant had the best price for the scat mat that I could find anywhere on the Internet, and their customer service and shipping speed were equally outstanding.

* We have three cats and two of them just love it. The oldest cat doesn't like change. He will get used to it! I have given all the information to my friends. WE LOVE IT!

* I called in to discuss an issue I had with the shopping cart and shipping and was promptly given a code to get free shipping. The product was delivered promptly via DHL and looks like it will be a great product.