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Pet Storm Door For Pets - Full Glass
Pet Storm Door For Pets - Full GlassPet Storm Door For Pets - Full Glass
Pet Storm Door For Pets - Full Glass
Item#: 500
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Product Description
Pet Storm Doors For PETS FULL GLASS Features:

FULL GLASS 3-3/4" heavy gage aluminum frame with baked on white or bronze finish.

Complete with standard handle, closure, expander sweep and z-bar trim and drip flashing.

Your choice of pet door sizes: small - medium - Large - X Large in Pet Panel.

Standard storm door size: 32" X 80" and 36" X 80"

Pre-Hung Pet Storm Door Service: a pre installation service. It includes drilling holes for the handles so the installer only needs to screw the handle parts together. It also includes the weather proof Z-bar trim on the door frame sides and top with the bottom expander sweep so the installer only has to place the frame unit up to the doorway opening and screw it to the house wood trim.

The model SPD500 is a full one section glass door unit. This model will give you a max view and max ventilation. It comes with an exterior screen for special days when you want to get a full spring time breeze by removing and storing the glass.

Pet Door Sizes:
Small 5" x 8"
Medium 7" x 11 1/4"
Large 9" x 15"
X-Large 10 1/2" x 15"
Super Large 15" x 20"

Custom-Sizes are an additonal $50.00. Please Call