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Dog doors clearance for dog doors through doors and dog doors through walls.

Flap - Our flexible flap is made by BAYER® High Tech Plastics. Rigid flaps have a risk factor for injuring your pet or even a small child. Our Bayer ® Desmopan flap will not puncture, tear, or change shape in extreme low or high temperature. Dark tint to prevent sun damage and increases insulation and security. Multiple pets can still see each other comming and going. With our two flap version, this is a superior insulating pet door.

Two Flap Version - this is a superior insulating pet door. It creates an air pocket between the flaps and doubles the protection against drafts, and wind blowing the flap open.

Frame - Heavy Duty Aluminum - Designed to be rugged and stylish. Unlike other metal framed dog doors that have flat metal frames, Dogwalk dog doors have a beveled frame. Just like a picture frame. Like the photo good enough to be framed, our frame is good enough to have a photo in it. Our Dogwalk dog door will look great in any room of the house.

Self Framing - Dogwalk's dog door completely frames in the hole in your door quickly and easily.

Security Panel - The security panel is made out of high impact Polycarbonate (Makrolon) which is bullet proof. When locked in place it virtually impenetrable. Easy to slide in and lock. No bulky or hard to use locking systems.

Fits doors 1.25" to 2.25" thick

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