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How The Canine Cooler Cool Dog Bed Works
How The Canine Cooler Cool Dog Bed WorksHow The Canine Cooler Cool Dog Bed Works
Year-round, many dogs look for a cool spot to lie on, such as tile, stone, or wood. They can’t sweat like us, and need all the cooling help that they can get. The trouble is, those hard surfaces quickly trap heat and warm up, and there is no true lasting cooling effect. Those surfaces are also very hard on the animal’s bones and joints.

The Canine Cooler® cool dog bed is a dog's comfort dream come true! A lasting cooling effect combined with fluid-enhanced comfort is a sensation that's bound to leave YOUR dog grinning from ear to ear!

The engine in your car is cooled by water, and a radiator. Cool water flows to the hot engine, where the water absorbs the heat. Then this heated water passes thru the radiator, where it loses its’ heat back to the air. The water is now cooled, and can repeat the process, keeping your engine cool and running smoothly.

The Canine Cooler® cooling dog bed acts as a radiator for your dog. It has tremendous cooling power- without refrigeration, it feels like that cold tile floor on your bare feet. It readily absorbs heat from your dog, and loses this heat back to the surrounding air. Your pet enjoys a lasting, dry, and powerful cooling sensation!

It is a Cool Dog Bed!