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Dog Agility 10-Foot Open Tunnel
Dog Agility 	10-Foot Open Tunnel
Dog Agility 10-Foot Open Tunnel
Item#: PDT0011030
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Regular price: $109.99
Sale price: $79.00

Product Description
Beginner playset is a blast for your pup.

You and your furry friend will get hours of pleasure training with this agility tunnel. Once your pal has mastered running through the tunnel when itís straight, you can curve it to provide a greater challenge. A carrying case is included so you can take the tunnel with you Ė or store it when itís not in use. Great for getting started in pet agility.


# Easy to assemble.

# Lightweight and portable.

# Made with durable Ripstopô fabric.

# Carrying case.

# Assembly instructions and training guide.

# Training Level: Beginner.