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Cat Mate Elite Selective Cat DoorCat Mate Elite Selective Cat Door
The addition of Cat Mate Elite Cat Flaps builds on Cat Mate’s extensive range of pet doors. It heralds a significant breakthrough in the ability of cat owners to monitor and control their cats’ movements. The Elite range exemplifies technical design and engineering at its best allied to a thorough understanding of consumer needs. No other product offers the same functionality or benefits.

The Elite range introduces many major breakthroughs in electronic cat access control, incorporated in an ultra-modern, slim-line design. All cat flaps feature:

• a clear, stylised, fully draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap with a secure locking system;

• can easily be fitted to glass, wood, metal, plastic or wall applications.

The Super Selective and Selective Cat Flaps will help to:

• keep your cat(s) off the roads during rush hour traffic and safe indoors at night (Our research has shown that 9 out of 10 cats in urban areas may die in road accidents);

• protect you and your cat(s) from the dangers presented by other animals, e.g. stray animals and foxes.

Benefits the ‘Super Selective’ Cat Flap offer include:

Timer control - allows you to choose what time of the day and night you want your cat(s) to be inside or outdoors and automatically change lock settings accordingly;

Individual cat control - for multiple cats (up to 8) it allows you to choose settings for each cat so that you can individually control entry and exit from the house, e.g., sick cat is not allowed out – 2 other cats are. Once cats come in for their evening meal – they are not allowed out again until say,6am;

Cats well being and peace of mind – verify when your pet last came in or out using the cat flap and how long since it last used the flap.

Benefits the ‘Selective’ Cat Flap offer include:

Access control - for multiple cats (up to 7) it allows you to control entry and exit through the flap – keeps all other animals out.

Both products offer:

Lightweight electronic I.D Disc: makes use of the latest radio frequency identity technology, needs no battery and is unique to each cat;

Protection – superior lock design eliminates the opportunity for unwelcome stray cats and persistent animals such as foxes and racoons to enter your home.

For through a wall installation, purchase the wall liner. The door has a 2" liner attached and each liner adds another 2". Get as many as you need for the depth of your wall. It creates a tunnel through the wall for your cats to get in and out.

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Cat Mate Elite Selective Entry Cat Door
Elite Disc For Cat Mate Elite Cat Doors
Cat Mate Elite Cat Door Wall Liner