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8 Day Pet Feeder - Cat Feeder - by Ergo
8 Day Pet Feeder - Cat Feeder by Ergo8 Day Pet Feeder - Cat Feeder - by Ergo
An 8 Day Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder for small dogs and cats - Also called Automatic Cat feeders

Our 8 Day Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder can be used by all pet owners, large and small families, and people with busy schedules, elderly and the handicapped to reduce their daily chore and continue to feed their pet canned food and dry food up to 8 days. This feeder can also be used for providing medication to pets. Unlike other 5 day feeders & 6 day feeders in the market, our 8 day feeder can be programmed with a digital timer to set the time of day the pet is to be fed. This enables providing medication for pets up to 8 times/day or 1 medication up to 8 days. The same is true for feeding the pet canned food or dry pet food.

8 Day Automatic pet feeder benefits:

8 Day pet feeder - Holds over 96 ozs of food - 12 ozs of canned food or dry food per compartment.
Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets.
Recommended for providing medicine for pets.
Provides wet canned food for pets that have to be given canned food.

8 Day Automatic pet feeder features :

Automatic pet feeder works for small sizes pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs, ducks etc.

This pet feeder is ideal size for cats. It is also known as the pet dish.

This Automatic cat Feeder is compact and pleasing design. Can be kept anywhere at home. (Kitchen, laundry room, garage etc.)

Our automatic cat feeder also comes with removable bowl for easy cleaning.

This feeder also has digital timer so that you can set the exact time you wish to feed the pet every day, or 2 times/day, or 3 times/day or up to 8 times/day. This cannot be done in a 7 day feeder or 6 day feeder or a 5 day feeder. The 8 Day Feeder is the only one of its kind.

This automatic cat feeder also has ice packs below the feeder dish to keep the food from becoming warm. This can keep the food fresh for about 12 hours.

The 8 day cat feeder accommodates for up to 12 ozs of food per compartment.

The 8 day pet feeder is battery operated and portable. Unlike the 6 day and 5 day feeders the 8 day feeder can record your voice and play it back at every meal time.

The 8 day pet feeder cover is easily installed unlike the 5 day, 6 day and 7 day feeders.

The 8 day pet feeder features a digital timer with battery backup, manual override switch and test switch and up to 8 programs per day and daylight saving feature.

8 Day Pet Feeder
8 Day Pet Feeder

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8 Day Pet Feeder 20008D
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