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Pet Door - Dog Doors and Cat doors are made of different types of plastics. Weather and pet usage determine the life of a pet doors flap and frame. Flaps will distort in shape creating a breech in their insulating properties. Plastic frames can crack and change color due to extreme weather conditions. This is why we recommend the Endura Pet Door. The materials used are superior to any other pet door made.

The Catwalk cat doors flap is made of a polycarbonate plastic. It is used to make bullet-proof "glass", though “bullet-resistant” would be more accurate. One of the problems with other cat doors is the flaps will break. Not with the Catwalk Cat Doors..

Need a top of the line dog door, cat door, or pet door? We offer only top of the line dog doors, cat doors, and pet doors. Dog doors for walls, patio pet door, pet door for through a door, doggie door, electronic dog door, and cat door for through glass.

Care Free Pet Doors offer the finest pet door available for any applications. We are offering what we consider to be the best dog doors and cat doors on the market. If you need assistance in choosing a pet door, please call or email us. We would be happy to help you find the right pet door.


Ground shipping is Free of charge in the USA . Does not include Alaska or Hawaii. Dog Door FREE GROUND SHIPPING - Enter (cfree) in the coupon box on the order form to receive free ground shipping on any pet door in the USA.

Guarantee - We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your purchase or your money back.

Insulated dog doors - Keeps out the drafts.

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